BREAKING NEWS: Who Will Be the Next Falcons Coach?

BREAKING NEWS: Who Will Be the Next Falcons Coach?

The Atlanta Falcons are still looking for a new head coach after firing their previous one. They have interviewed lots of candidates, including some big names!

Two of the top candidates are Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh. Bill Belichick used to be the head coach of the New England Patriots. He is considered one of the best coaches ever. Jim Harbaugh just won a national championship as the coach of Michigan's football team.

Both Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh have met with the Falcons twice already. That means they really like them! Reports say Bill Belichick is still expected to get the job. But the Falcons are keeping their options open.

They will meet with Jim Harbaugh again this weekend as he decides between the Falcons and another NFL team, the Chargers. The Falcons will also talk to Mike Vrabel, a former coach, next week.

It's not 100% certain who will get the job yet. The Falcons are interviewing many people to find the best coach. Bill Belichick remains a top pick because of his success. But Jim Harbaugh and others still have a chance too. We will have to wait to see who the Falcons choose! It should be announced soon as they hurry to hire their new coach.

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